Are Extinction Rebellion Activists Hypocrites?

If people are passionate and campaign for something they truly “believe” in, then they should practice what they preach. Middle class, left wing activists telling us how to live our lives whilst eating McDonald’s, burning diesel generators at festivals and having raves on public streets is no way to gain support.


Paul Joseph Watson; a man who these activists generally despise, has said in a recent interview with Steven Crowder that it’s the stench hypocrisy that is the worst part about it. Greta Thunberg hanging around with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has a garage full of muscle cars. Leonardo Dicaprio, who takes private jets to collect environmental awards and Prince Harry (a keen environmentalist) who took four private jet trips in eleven days. Paul says, Harry wasn’t there to save the planet, he was there partying at Elton John’s mansion. Paul also says that even though he recycles in his own home, he still gets treated like the bad person and needs “lectured”.

Greta Thunberg sailed a £4m boat across the Atlantic Ocean in a PR stunt, but has she actually saved any carbon emissions at all? The answer is No. Seeing as the crew of the vessel have had to fly out to the US for taking the boat back to Europe. If Greta and her father had just flown to New York, then she should have saved carbon emissions. It seems that all these figure heads of the environment are saying the same thing.. Do as I say and not as I do.

The Western world is changing, renewable energy is on the rise, people are generally recycling and consuming less. Not many people can say that is a bad thing… So why is there not the same pressure on India and China – the two biggest polluters.



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