More delays for Brexit

The Letwin Amendment has passed. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has stated the government will introduce legislation needed for leaving the EU on 31st October next week.

The Brexit vote planned for today will be called off.

The Letwin Amendment results were 322 for and 306 against.

Sir Oliver Letwin – a conservative Tory minister who had the whip removed in September had put forward this Amendment. The Letwin Amendment withholds the deal from being approved until the legislation is put in place beforehand. This effectively brings the “Benn Act” into action, to force Prime Minister Boris Johnson into requesting a further delay on Brexit until January 31st.

This leaves very little room to manoeuvre for Boris Johnson and his cabinet, however, he is still adamant that the UK will leave the European Union on October 31st. After the vote on the Letwin Amendment Boris addressed the House of Commons saying, “I will not negotiate a delay with the EU and neither does the law compel me to do so.”

Leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn said the PM “must comply with the law” and ask the EU for a further brexit extension.

Further delays is creating a lot of frustration for people who want to get on with Brexit and move on with their lives.

We Need A General Election Now

It seems that most parties are afraid of a general election.

Labour are playing a hard game of politics and are very central on the Brexit position. They think hard remainers will vote Lib Dem and leavers will vote Tory or the Brexit Party. It could potentially leave them in a very bad position.

The Tory party are concerned that if they don’t deliver Brexit, most of their vote would shift towards more hardline brexit parties such as The Brexit Party. Now that Boris Johnson has had his strongest card (leaving without a deal) all but taken away, this could make a general election outcome much different.

It seems as though the appetite for a general election among the public is growing and we will definitely need one soon to break away from this deadlock. Over 3 years has passed since the Brexit referendum and it still doesn’t seem as though the UK will be leaving anytime soon.

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